TIS Section 10

1. Fly Solo

Piece together a hodgepodge of strategies you pick up by listening to podcasts or free stuff you find online. Sure, you will learn new things and you may even see results. But how well has piecing stuff together worked for you in the past? It took me 8+ years of trial and error PLUS working in representation to learn these effective strategies. 

The Insider System contains your A-Z roadmap to getting the right reps for you. I’ve eliminated all the guesswork for you and these strategies have WORKED for hundreds of actors. You can finally ignore all the conflicting advice and bright shiny object strategies you’ve been hit with up until now.
TIS Section 10

2). Pay for a bunch of rep workshops and showcases

Pay for a bunch of agent and manager workshops & showcases and hope that you can land a good rep (virtually or in-person).  
TIS Section 10

3). Wait until the right time

You could tell yourself you’re not ready yet and wing it until Pilot Season 2025. It’s so easy to let your fear hold you back, convincing you that you’re not ready to partner with a fantastic rep. 

This is your invitation to take new action. You deserve it. Don’t try to do this alone. TV shows and movies are being filmed now, don’t hold off on partnering with a rep that will help open so many doors for you.