You’ve trained so hard. You’ve gotten work on your own.

You’re doing all the things, yet you can’t land the meeting you really want.

So, why does it feel so hard sometimes to find the right agent or manager?

TRUTH: Reps receive hundreds of submissions every week. There’s so much noise out there with countless actors relying on cheesy gimmicks to be seen.

On top of managing countless submissions, these agents and managers are very busy serving their current clients.

Most actors don’t realize that the way they present themselves actually discourages agents from signing them.

  • They don’t know how to put their best foot forward
  • They don’t have the RIGHT materials in place
  • They don’t effectively follow-up
  • And their whole approach feel like a guessing game

Most actors do a massive mailing every six months or so and then take what they can get. Which means they often end up settling for an agent or manager who ends up disappointing them.

And then they start the whole crazy cycle again.

It’s time to break that cycle.

What you need is a proven strategy with cutting edge tools designed to help you stand out from the crowd to secure meetings and partner with the representation you need to take your acting career to the next level.

And I don’t mean a big agency that puts you on their roster but never sends you out or a teeny tiny agency with no pull. I mean the perfect match for where YOU are in your career RIGHT NOW.