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Step 1: Create A Killer Package

I’ll show you how to put together up to 5 unique marketing materials that WOW reps. We’ll go beyond the usual resume, reel and headshots to help you create: 

The Connections Grid to quickly illustrate how easy it will be to pitch you for projects and get you into more rooms

Visual Pitch Sheet to showcase the essence of who you are instead of boring people with a regular old cover letter

Media Snippets so you look super professional, polished, and irresistible

Track Record Report to prove how bookable you really are

Social Proof Sheet to give you way more credibility than the competition

TIS Section 5

Step 2: Build The RIGHT Target List For YOU

WHO you reach out to is JUST as important as WHAT you say. 

  • I’ll show you 4 untapped sources for referrals so that you have an “in” when you reach out
  • You’ll also learn my proven process to create a target list of reps that are on-brand for you. No more signing with somebody who just doesn’t get you or worrying that you’re being ignored by your reps
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Step 3: The WOW Factor Formula

Wouldn’t it be great to feel less like you’re chasing an agent down and more like you’re being PURSUED?

  • I’ll show you 12 ways to “dangle the carrot” and get reps excited to meet you and sign on the dotted line
  • You’ll learn how to specifically implement the 5 Key Principles to a Killer Pitch Message PLUS we’ll include examples to make it super  simply to craft your own pitch message that sings
  • You’ll also learn the super stealthy way to  monitor EXACTLy what a rep does with your submission and the effective follow up system so you know how and when to follow up with reps
  • Timing is KEY and with the WOW Factor Formula, you’ll never drop the ball again and lose an opportunity
TIS Section 5

Step 4: Seal The Deal – Crush Your Meetings

You’ll show up to your agent meetings feeling confident because: 

  • We’ll go over how to prepare yourself for anything so you aren’t thrown off by a surprising question
  • We’ll run through the 10 powerful questions you can ask THEM to get them passionate about repping you AND help you decide if they are a fit for YOU