About your teacher

TIS Section 9

Jona Xiao

Actress, Member of the Emmy Nominating Committee, Recurring Speaker for SAG-AFTRA,
and CEO of Career ACTivate

I’ve made so many mistakes along my journey to finding great reps. My very first agent scammed me. My first LA agent didn’t believe in email. I was working so HARD but not seeing the results I felt I deserved.

I know exactly how exhausting it feels to work so hard to sign with an agent, only to be disappointed by the lack of auditions they get you. And then you do the whole process again only to sign with ANOTHER rep that doesn’t quite get you and doesn’t know how to advocate for you.

Since working on the business side of the industry, I’ve learned exactly what it takes to attract an amazing team and the incredible career breakthroughs that happen as a result of the right partnership. It’s been over a decade since I felt I was “struggling” to get a great team because of the tools and strategies I’m empowered with. I’ve booked so many amazing projects as a result of the incredible reps I’ve partnered with.  In fact, I’ve booked 4 TV shows in the last 6 months (including a recurring guest star on Jerry Bruckheimer’s critically acclaimed show HIGHTOWN).

I’m passionate about helping you along your journey because I believe TV shows and films transform the world and the more artists I support, the more good I’m doing for the world.