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The Insider System LIVE FAB


Proven 4-Step System To



for YOU



The most comprehensive 4-week live virtual course to
help you partner with the right rep for you

The most comprehensive 4-week live virtual course to help you partner with the right rep for you



  • 12+ Ways to Get Agents EXCITED To Meet You – credits are only one of the 12 ways to leverage your attractiveness to agents, you’ll get the other 11
  • Unique marketing materials that WOW reps (most actors only send a resume, reel, headshots, and written message)
  • The ability to see and track EXACTLY what an agent is doing on your website, how long they watch your reel for, and even more data to know what’s working and what’s not working about your submissions
  • A simple system to generate referrals and recommendations easily
  • A stand-out email pitch that Reps respond to instead of ignore
  • The tools to confidently CRUSH your meetings


You’ve trained so hard. You’ve gotten work on your own.

You’re doing all the things, yet you can’t land the meeting you really want.

So, why does it feel so hard sometimes to find the right agent or manager?

TRUTH: Reps receive hundreds of submissions every week. There’s so much noise out there with countless actors relying on cheesy gimmicks to be seen.

On top of managing countless submissions, these agents and managers are very busy serving their current clients.

Most actors don’t realize that the way they present themselves actually discourages agents from signing them.

  • They don’t know how to put their best foot forward
  • They don’t have the RIGHT materials in place
  • They don’t effectively follow-up
  • And their whole approach feel like a guessing game

Most actors do a massive mailing every six months or so and then take what they can get. Which means they often end up settling for an agent or manager who ends up disappointing them.

And then they start the whole crazy cycle again.

It’s time to break that cycle.

What you need is a proven strategy with cutting edge tools designed to help you stand out from the crowd to secure meetings and partner with the representation you need to take your acting career to the next level.

And I don’t mean a big agency that puts you on their roster but never sends you out or a teeny tiny agency with no pull. I mean the perfect match for where YOU are in your career RIGHT NOW.





The Insider System LIVE FAB

Step 1: Create A Killer Package

I’ll show you how to put together up to 5 unique marketing materials that WOW reps. We’ll go beyond the usual resume, reel and headshots to help you create: 

The Connections Grid to quickly illustrate how easy it will be to pitch you for projects and get you into more rooms

Visual Pitch Sheet to showcase the essence of who you are instead of boring people with a regular old cover letter

Media Snippets so you look super professional, polished, and irresistible

Track Record Report to prove how bookable you really are

Social Proof Sheet to give you way more credibility than the competition

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Step 2: Build The RIGHT Target List For YOU

WHO you reach out to is JUST as important as WHAT you say. 

  • I’ll show you 4 untapped sources for referrals so that you have an “in” when you reach out
  • You’ll also learn my proven process to create a target list of reps that are on-brand for you. No more signing with somebody who just doesn’t get you or worrying that you’re being ignored by your reps
The Insider System LIVE FAB

Step 3: The WOW Factor Formula

Wouldn’t it be great to feel less like you’re chasing an agent down and more like you’re being PURSUED?

  • I’ll show you 12 ways to “dangle the carrot” and get reps excited to meet you and sign on the dotted line
  • You’ll learn how to specifically implement the 5 Key Principles to a Killer Pitch Message PLUS we’ll include examples to make it super  simply to craft your own pitch message that sings
  • You’ll also learn the super stealthy way to  monitor EXACTLy what a rep does with your submission and the effective follow up system so you know how and when to follow up with reps
  • Timing is KEY and with the WOW Factor Formula, you’ll never drop the ball again and lose an opportunity
The Insider System LIVE FAB

Step 4: Seal The Deal – Crush Your Meetings

You’ll show up to your agent meetings feeling confident because: 

  • We’ll go over how to prepare yourself for anything so you aren’t thrown off by a surprising question
  • We’ll run through the 10 powerful questions you can ask THEM to get them passionate about repping you AND help you decide if they are a fit for YOU



The Insider System LIVE FAB

Immediate Access!

LIVE Q&A Coaching Zooms will be:


8/1, 8/8, 8/15 & 8/22

3:00 PM Pacific/6:00 PM Eastern



The Insider System LIVE FAB

4 Weeks of Video Learning

Learn at your own pace through easy-to-absorb video modules and step-by-step Action Guides that help you implement every part of The Insider System. After your Early Access, new content drops every Thursday for 3 weeks beginning August 3, 2023.

The Insider System LIVE FAB

HomePLAY Assignments

Weekly HomePLAY assignments so you can make consistent progress each week to land the right team.

The Insider System LIVE FAB

4 LIVE Q&A Coaching Sessions

We’ll work through your questions via Zoom. You’ll gain incredible insight through the questions and Coaching you’ll see and experience in these jam-packed sessions. Each session lasts approximately 60-90 minutes.

The Insider System LIVE FAB

8 LIVE Q&A Coaching Sessions

We’ll work through your questions via Zoom. You’ll gain incredible insight through the questions and Coaching you’ll see and experience in these jam-packed sessions. Each session lasts approximately 60-90 minutes.

The Insider System LIVE FAB

LIFETIME Course Access

LIFETIME access to the course so you can revisit it anytime you want to up-level your reps again.

The Insider System LIVE FAB

24/7 Community Feedback

24/7 peer support through our private Facebook community to connect with your peers, get feedback, see great student examples, and receive guidance  & accountability.

Plus These Bonuses!


The Insider System LIVE FAB

Get My Eyes On Your
Marketing Material

($250 VALUE)

I’ll give you feedback on 1 unique marketing material* to WOW reps ($500 value)


*This particular Action-Taker Bonus is available ONLY IF you enroll before the end of this workshop.

Deadline to submit your marketing piece for review is July 31, 2024.

*You can submit any one of the unique marketing materials (Connections Grid, Visual Pitch Sheet, Media Snippets, Track Record Report, Social Proof Sheet) that you’ll learn to create during the course

The Insider System LIVE FAB

The Favorite Client Formula

($100 VALUE)

Strategies for being one of your rep’s FAVORITE clients so they stay excited to keep working for YOU

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Local Hire Magic

($200 VALUE)

How to get reps in local markets and work local hire while saving money

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Agency Tier Cheat Sheet

($50 VALUE)

See examples of which level various agencies fall into, so you know who you should target

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Personalized Career Analysis Session

($100 VALUE)

60-Minute Private Personalized Career Analysis with a Career ACTivate Expert Consultant

  • Get clarity on your goals
  • Assess personal challenges
  • Discover new opportunities 
  • Leave with a 4 page career roadmap assessment

What you can accomplish with
The Insider System?

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Would’ve paid double!

“So excited that I signed with Innovative! One thing that helped was my WOW material that the agents course taught me how to put together. I have gotten several theatrical meetings and offers by using the strategies in the course. I would’ve paid at least two times what I did for the course because it was SO valuable! Jona walks the walk, her own success is a testament to her application of the principles she teaches.

~ Paul Walling

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Obtained a Manager on First Outreach

“I was CEO of a publicity firm for 15 years…One would THINK I would know how to sell myself. But I was a lost guppy in the sea. Selling myself was a whole new ball of wax for me. [Following through with the course], I got a manager (from the top of my list) within my first outreach. My manager then pitched me to an agency that I thought was “over my head” and they want to sign me also!”

~ Maureen Kedes

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Introverted & Confident

“To my fellow introverted and socially anxious actors and performers – this course is THE KEY you’ve been looking for your entire life! I feel like I know how to be a person, finally! And now I understand how to position myself to reach out to powerful people I don’t already know, with full confidence that isn’t based on guessing or braggadocio!”

~ Alexandria Boddie

The Insider System LIVE FAB

3 Reps and 2 Offers

“This will be my first time submitting for reps and I am so glad I invested in this course. I learned SO much about how to hone my brand to get rich in my niche and I have a MUCH clearer picture about what my actual goals are in getting a rep and discovering who would actually be a great fit for me. I have a clear action plan for how to sequence my outreach and so much more confidence that my package will accurately and attractively represent me and all I have to offer. The ninja strategies give me confidence that I will actually get feedback (direct or NINJA!) about my materials and how to follow up strategically in the future. I’ve already gotten 3 reps interested on TalentLink and 2 offers for a referral that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise! THANK YOU JONA & TEAM!”

~ Iris Liu

The Insider System LIVE FAB


“THIS course, about finding and approaching representation is invaluable. The detail and ingenuity that Jona uses to outfox any obstacles, both real and self-created, are utterly necessary. Thank you Jona.”

~ Stephen Quadros

70+ TV/Film credits including Exit Wounds

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Staying on top of the changes in the Industry

“After 20+ years in the industry, I thought I had it all figured out and that things were just “harder” now than they used to be. After taking Career ACTivate’s class, I realized that the industry has changed so much and all I needed was to be shown the ropes! There are so many tips and tools that have already made me feel like I can take back control of my career. This is really valuable information! I’m working on finding new representation now in fresh ways that make me excited as opposed to anxious. Thank you for sharing this with us…we need it!”

~ Royana Black

Medium, The Cosby Show

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Hesitant at first…

“When I had to make the decision of buying an online course – which I don’t normally do – I was thinking: well, worst case scenario there’s the money-back guarantee, I can get my money back and it will be fine. But this course not only exceeded my expectations but really taught me a lot about what do with my career – besides “mastering” the knowledge of how to get an agent. “

~ Fred Fleury

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Offer from TOP Atlanta Agent

“I got an offer to work with a top Atlanta agent!”

~ Roger Anthony

The Insider System LIVE FAB

More results in a few WEEKS than in 9 years!

“I’ve been in LA for 9 years and after working with Jona, I finally got my first theatrical agent and manager. I wish I worked with her sooner! Jona gives you simple and effective techniques to secure meetings that I never thought of before. I feel further along now in my career after working with Jona for a few short weeks than I have the whole 9 years I’ve been here. I recommend her to all my friends and will continue to take her courses! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and creative, she’s the sweetest!”

~ Amanda Carneiro

The Insider System LIVE FAB

WOWing Agents & Managers around the world

“I met with a top LA Manager all the way out in South Africa and after meeting with her have been offered representation! She has excellent relations with casting on many of the shows I really want to work on and has been submitting me via self-tapes. Also, I didn’t even know there were marketing tools beyond the headshot and resume and thanks to Jona’s course, I know exactly what different marketing tools I need in order to wow the agents. I also have better relations with my theatrical agent in Cape Town as I know how to ask her how I can make her job easier and book more.”

~ Natasha Mayet

International Actor

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Theatrically repped in ONE month

“I had taken the previous version of this course (trust me, it only gets better!) and within a month had signed with not only representation, but the theatrical rep I was most excited about on my list! Jona’s approach is thorough and thoughtful and pretty much foolproof!”

~ Tessa Lauren Markle

The Insider System LIVE FAB

From oversaturated category to MY unique brand

“I really loved this course! I’m in a tough category (white female actress in late 20s), so I feel as if no matter how talented I am, the market is so over saturated with my type, that I just won’t have doors opening for me. However, this course has lit a creative fire within me that I haven’t felt in years–maybe ever. I recommend this course for all actors who are feeling stuck!”

~ Angie Campbell

About your teacher

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Jona Xiao

Actress, Member of the Emmy Nominating Committee, Recurring Speaker for SAG-AFTRA,
and CEO of Career ACTivate

I’ve made so many mistakes along my journey to finding great reps. My very first agent scammed me. My first LA agent didn’t believe in email. I was working so HARD but not seeing the results I felt I deserved.

I know exactly how exhausting it feels to work so hard to sign with an agent, only to be disappointed by the lack of auditions they get you. And then you do the whole process again only to sign with ANOTHER rep that doesn’t quite get you and doesn’t know how to advocate for you.

Since working on the business side of the industry, I’ve learned exactly what it takes to attract an amazing team and the incredible career breakthroughs that happen as a result of the right partnership. It’s been over a decade since I felt I was “struggling” to get a great team because of the tools and strategies I’m empowered with. I’ve booked so many amazing projects as a result of the incredible reps I’ve partnered with.  In fact, I’ve booked 4 TV shows in the last 6 months (including a recurring guest star on Jerry Bruckheimer’s critically acclaimed show HIGHTOWN).

I’m passionate about helping you along your journey because I believe TV shows and films transform the world and the more artists I support, the more good I’m doing for the world.


The Insider System LIVE FAB

1. Fly Solo

Piece together a hodgepodge of strategies you pick up by listening to podcasts or free stuff you find online. Sure, you will learn new things and you may even see results. But how well has piecing stuff together worked for you in the past? It took me 8+ years of trial and error PLUS working in representation to learn these effective strategies. 

The Insider System contains your A-Z roadmap to getting the right reps for you. I’ve eliminated all the guesswork for you and these strategies have WORKED for hundreds of actors. You can finally ignore all the conflicting advice and bright shiny object strategies you’ve been hit with up until now.
The Insider System LIVE FAB

2). Pay for a bunch of rep workshops and showcases

Pay for a bunch of agent and manager workshops & showcases and hope that you can land a good rep (virtually or in-person).  
The Insider System LIVE FAB

3). Wait until the right time

You could tell yourself you’re not ready yet and wing it until Pilot Season 2025. It’s so easy to let your fear hold you back, convincing you that you’re not ready to partner with a fantastic rep. 

This is your invitation to take new action. You deserve it. Don’t try to do this alone. TV shows and movies are being filmed now, don’t hold off on partnering with a rep that will help open so many doors for you. 

Get Started Now!

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Normally $775, your price now:


Choose a payment plan that’s right for you:

1st Payment Today,
2nd Payment 14 days from Today

This is the most comprehensive 4-Week A-Z course you’ll find that focuses on helping you land the right reps for you. Guaranteed. If you don’t LOVE what you’re learning in just the first WEEK of the course, email
with the reason for the refund request by 8/2/23 at 3:00 PM Pacific/6:00 PM Eastern and you’ll get a FULL refund.

That means there’s absolutely no risk to you!

Just explore the Week 1 Course Content and if you’re not happy you’ll be out nothing. There’s absolutely no reason not to add these powerful strategies to accelerate your acting career. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Your amazing team of reps is waiting.

Let’s do this.

The Insider System LIVE FAB

Got questions?

We’ve got Answers for ya…

1. Can you guarantee that I’ll get the right rep for me within the next couple of months?
We both know that I can’t promise that. It’s up to you to implement what you learn inside The Insider System. But I can promise you that this course thoroughly guides you through what our students and I have done to land amazing reps. So, if you do the work, I am confident you will see results.

2. I’m nervous that I won’t have time to implement. How much work are we talking about here?
Most of the students who have gone through this course and landed great reps have gone through this process while working a lot or having a very busy schedule. The real question is, do you really want this? Plan to spend a couple hours each week on the course and you’ll be good to go.

3. I don’t have many credits and my materials aren’t polished yet. Should I hold off on taking this class?
The Insider System is designed to help you partner with the best rep for EXACTLY where you are in your career right now. You don’t have to wait until you book XYZ credit before reaching out to reps. Learn the tools and reach out to them now so they can support you in achieving your acting goals and dreams. 

Also, I’ll guide you through how to put together really unique marketing materials. No reel? No problem! I’ll show you a VERY easy workaround if you don’t currently have a reel you love.


The Insider System LIVE FAB

“Finally auditioning regularly for TV and film.”

The Insider System LIVE FAB

“More bookings!”

The Insider System LIVE FAB

“Feeling confident that I have a great team that has my back at all times.”

The Insider System LIVE FAB

“I can finally be a WORKING actor!”

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