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Socials Expert Veronica

Within 3 months of moving to LA, I booked my first TV credit on CBS’s Criminal Minds and then my first National Commercial. The years following that have been filled with such fun projects from print work, to Maroon 5’s music video for Sugar, to battling with swords in video game commercials, to being a nurse on NBC’s Days of Our Lives

I’ve produced, written and starred in multiple projects that have won “Best Actress,” “Best Action Film,” and “Best Concept.” My Star Wars fan film Balance of The Force was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival. I was part of an ensemble in a stage play called A Nice Family Gathering that was nominated by the NAACP for ‘Best Ensemble Cast.’  

Long story short, I’ve been ‘Go-Go-Fight-Fight’ for a while. Joining Career ACTivate helped to hone and direct my flame from a wildfire to a focused lightsaber, giving me insightful action steps to take my career into my own hands and not be solely dependent upon an agent (though helpful). 

In the Social Media world (which is why you’re even reading this bio, lol), I made all the newbie mistakes in the beginning. Posting anything and everything without a bigger plan, inconsistently, and without thought. I even did a short side quest of paying 3rd party companies to help grow my following. That was expensive and a waste of time because they weren’t organic followers and started unfollowing me once I stopped paying. I started studying, researching, and learning: What am I doing wrong? How do I do it right? How do I use it to further my acting career?

Short answer: My favorite book series was optioned to become a TV show and my dream role is the title character. With the input and support of my CA Community and Coach, I’ve leveraged my hard-earned social media knowledge into a strong Social Media Campaign to get the attention of the decision-makers and to get “the people on my side.” My TikTok went from 50 Followers to just shy of 5K Followers in a year. My personalized hashtags have well over 1 Million Views across IG, TikTok, and YouTube. I’ve gotten the attention of The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, and Variety based on my social media campaign, as well as an interview for a Casting Networks Spotlight article and a guest on a pop culture podcast.

For my Clients, I have a background in teaching, a desire for understanding, and a heart to help. Let me show you easy and practical steps you can achieve TODAY to up your content creation game and have fun while doing it.

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